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Our selection of golf car parts is the best in the area.

Owning a golf car makes it easy to cruise around your favorite golf course or travel around a large property or neighborhood. However, when you have this type of specialty vehicle, you also need to have access to the parts and components that keep it operating properly. At Golf Cars of Hickory, we carry a wide selection of golf car parts for various makes and models. We serve golf car owners located throughout Boone, North Carolina and the surrounding area, offering the components you need to enjoy your golf car and all it has to offer.

Golf Car Parts in Boone, North Carolina

Golf cars rely on batteries to run, and those batteries have to be charged regularly. If you’re looking for a golf car charger, we’re the place to come. We carry various chargers for many of the top golf cars available in the industry. It’s always frustrating when you realize your golf car has a flat or damaged tire, but we can help with this as well. Our selection includes golf car tires in a number of sizes and styles. We also have golf car kits, which can transform the look and functionality of your vehicle. A lift kit helps it sit a bit higher and carry heavier loads, while a chrome kit makes it look higher end. You can also choose a graphics kit, which is a cost-effective alternative to a custom paint job.

Our selection of golf car parts is the best in the area. We also have a team of friendly and helpful individuals who can answer any questions you might have and help you find the golf car parts you need.

At Golf Cars of Hickory, we offer golf car parts to residents of Hickory, Charlotte, Morganton, Wilkesboro, Catawba, Lenoir, Newton, Boone, and Conover, North Carolina.