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Golf Cars, Lenoir, NC

Utilize your golf cars for tools and enjoyment in your community.

Golf Cars in Lenoir, North Carolina
What are your choices currently from getting from one point to another? If it is public transportation, a car, or walking, you might be pleased to know that there is a secret option that isn’t as utilized nearly as much as it should be: golf cars. While golf cars are commonly seen on golf courses, their uses far exceed what they do on the back nine of your local course! Here at Golf Cars of Hickory, we want to help our clients in the Lenoir, North Carolina area utilize golf cars to their fullest– and get from one point to another quicker as well! Here are some things that you can look forward to when you start to utilize golf cars.

  • Faster chores­– Yes, doing chores is a great way to get some exercise in– especially if you are considering your yardwork. However, hauling your gardening equipment to and from your garden might take away all the enjoyment of the actual garden, whereas a golf car that can take all your equipment in one trip and do so faster can help you complete your gardening tasks much faster.
  • Closer friends– Have you ever wanted to bring a treat or dinner to a sick friend but hesitate because it’s not quite far enough to justify the car but also too far to walk? Enter the golf car! You’ll be seeing your friends when they need you without hesitation.
  • More free time– Golf cars allow you to finish tasks in a timelier manner, especially when those tasks involve multiple trips.

To learn more about the uses that you could enjoy with golf cars, come see our experts here at Golf Cars of Hickory.

We provide our quality and affordable golf cars in Hickory, Charlotte, Wilkesboro, Taylorsville, Newton, Conover, Lake Hickory, Maiden, Claremont, Bethlehem, Statesville, Troutman, Morganton, Boone Blowing Rock, Mooresville ,Lake Norman, Granite Falls, Lenoir, Shelby, Lincolnton, Denver, Davidson, Huntersville & Cornelius, NC!


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