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Golf cart rentals can be ideal for both short-term and long-term situations.

Just as you might need to rent a car at times, there are also situations where golf cart rentals can come in handy. Perhaps your regular golf cart is in the shop for repairs or modifications and you don’t want to be without a way to cruise your Hickory, North Carolina neighborhood. Maybe business has escalated at your auto dealership and you need more golf carts for transporting customers around your large car lot. Perhaps you have never owned a golf cart and you want to rent one to help you decide on making a purchase. Whatever the case might be, reach out to us at Golf Cars of Hickory to learn about our golf cart rentals.

Golf Cart Rentals in Hickory, North Carolina

For the most part, golf cart rentals are typically for a short-term need. You have an out-of-town guest who needs one for their stay, for example. However, you could have a longer term in mind, such as golf cart rentals for your business on an ongoing basis because you’d prefer to show the expense on your financials rather than a capital expenditure to purchase them. A start-up business might prefer that to reduce upfront costs and then later invest in purchasing golf carts.

We are happy to work with you whether you need financing to purchase a new golf cart or would prefer to go with golf cart rentals. Just stop by and see us to let us know what you are considering and to see the various models we have in stock that are available for purchase or as golf cart rentals. Call today to learn more.

At Golf Cars of Hickory, we offer golf cart rental services to residents of Hickory, Charlotte, Morganton, Wilkesboro, Catawba, Lenoir, Newton, and Conover, North Carolina.