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Golf carts are great for playing a game of golf

Did you know that the most common uses of golf carts are not for playing golf? Golf carts are great for playing a game of golf, and if that is what you want to use it for, great! But there are many great uses other than golf. Below are some of our customer’s top uses for their golf carts.

  1. Farming – Surprisingly enough, golf carts are fantastic little vehicles for farming. They are great when you need to move a small number of tools or to quickly go check on a fence. And, if you opt for an electric golf cart, then you will have the added benefit of driving in silence as they are practically soundless. This may help in not spooking animals as you drive up to them.
  2. Hunting – Golf carts make great hunting vehicles as they drive quieter than many other hunting ATVs. This allows you to quietly approach your target. Golf carts are small and will allow you access to places where many larger vehicles wont fit. There is also a cargo area to store your hunting gear and game.
  3. Campus – Golf carts are an excellent option for campuses. They can quickly get you from one area of a campus to another area without disrupting or being in the way of other pedestrians. You can also customize your golf carts to match your school’s mascot or logo.

These are just some of the ways our customers use their golf carts. There are many other fabulous uses for them. So, if you are thinking that a golf cart might be right for you or your business then give us a call today at Golf Cars of Hickory. Our experienced staff can help you decide if a golf cart is right for you.