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One sign that you need golf cart repair
Just like any other vehicle, your golf cart will wear out with time and use and will eventually need to be repaired. Here at Golf Cars of Hickory, we want you to be able to enjoy a smooth ride in your golf cart for as long as possible, and the best way to do that is to learn to recognize early signs that something is amiss so that you can get it taken care of before it becomes a serious problem. In this article, we’ll go over three signs that you need golf cart repair so that you can keep your vehicle in the best possible condition.

  1. Loses Power Quickly- One sign that you need golf cart repair is the cart losing power too quickly. When in peak condition, most golf carts can cover about seven miles before losing power, but over time, the battery will become less efficient and lose its ability to hold a charge. If you find that your golf cart is starting to run out of power faster than it did before, call our team at Golf Cars of Hickory to get expert golf cart repair services.
  1. Engine Won’t Start- Another common sign that you need golf cart repair is difficulty starting the vehicle. If you have to turn the key multiple times before the engine responds, it’s likely that the ignition switch or wiring has worn out. Our team here at Golf Cars of Hickory has the expertise you need to provide a long-term solution.
  1. Limited Acceleration- The final warning sign that we’ll go over here is your golf cart’s acceleration becoming limited. As the battery wears out, you’ll likely find that the cart does not accelerate with the speed or power that it used to. Fortunately, this can typically be fixed with a simple battery replacement.

We at Golf Cars of Hickory hope that this information helps you spot potential problems with your cart before they can do serious damage. If you find yourself in need of golf cart repair, just give us a call.