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What to Look for When Buying Used Golf Cars

Buying a used golf car is an excellent way to get an affordable golf car. But, like buying a used car, you are going to want to do some research and searching for the best used golf cars in your price range. To help you make your search for a used golf car a little easier and less stressful, we have put together a list of things you will want to consider when purchasing your used golf car.

  • Age – To help determine the age of a golf car you will want to look at the model. If you are looking at an older model golf car then you will probably have a little more difficult time finding repair parts for it. The dealership or owner should be able to show you how many hours or cycles the golf car has on it.
  • Refurbished or used – You will want to find out if the golf car that you are looking to buy is refurbished or used. A refurbished golf car is one that was used at a golf course for several years and resold to the public.
  • Batteries – Before purchasing a used golf car you will want to confirm the age of the batteries and if they are in good condition. You can use a battery age tool to determine its actual age. If the batteries are less than a year old and look to be in good condition, then you are probably fine. But, if the battery has corrosion or it is bulging on the sides, then you may want to rethink your purchase.

Here at Golf Cars of Hickory, we know that we can help you get into a great used golf car that will serve you very well for many years to come. Contact us to check out our inventory of used golf cars!