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Golf Car RepairJust like your car, your golf car needs regular repair and maintenance. Just because golf cars do not have the same parts as a traditional vehicle, they still need to be cared for so they are in good working order and so they are running great when you need them. If something is not working right on your golf car or of you are having issues with it, you should look into golf car repair.

Golf car repair can be as easy as getting new tires or getting a new charger for your golf car. These are common repairs that are easy to do and are affordable. Having good tires on your golf car will help keep it safe to drive. Tires that are old and worn out will not be as effective and may cause an accident that could have been prevented.

Another part of golf cart repair is having new golf car accessories installed. You can get new seats, mirrors, steering wheels, billet pedals, windshields, and more. You can also replace the top of your golf cart and opt for an extended or colored top.  Or, you can have a chrome kit installed to make your golf car sleek and classy.  Lift kits are another option to give you more ground clearance and it will enable your golf car to support a heavier weight limit.

If you are in the market for golf car repair, contact us today at Golf Cars of Hickory. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable about golf cars and golf car repair. We can help you determine what repairs your golf car needs to work great and to be safe.