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Golf CarsMany golf cars have tubeless tires, so you have to take the tire off the rim to replace it. Here’s how to do it.

  • Raise the golf car off the floor with a small jack.
  • Remove the lug nuts.
  • Pull the wheel off the studs.
  • As per pack instructions, use the valve stem tool to remove the valve.
  • Lay the wheel down and push it as close to the rim as possible. This will require some force because you’re attempting to break the bead. Push until the tire comes off the rim.
  • Place a cloth on the rim where it meets the tire.
  • Use a tire iron to lever up a gap between the rim and the tire.
  • Use a different iron to pry the tire over and up the edge of the rim. You’ll probably have to do this twice – once on each side.
  • Put soapy water in a spray bottle and wash the rim with a clean cloth.
  • Spray soapy water on the new tire and rim to help put the new one on.
  • Use the irons to push the new tire over the edge of the rim. This is the opposite of what you did to take the old tire off.
  • Replace the valve and, with an electric pump, inflate the tire.
  • Replace the wheel and tighten the nuts. Lower the jack and remove it.

That’s how to change tubeless tires on golf cars!

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