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Used Golf CarsBuying a used golf cart is a great way to get a golf cart you love for a great price. However, as you start looking at used golf cars to buy, it’s important that you check three different components to ensure you get a good deal.

  1. Tire Wear- As you look at used golf cars, try to find one that has tires from the same brand with similar and even wear. If the tires are worn unevenly, there could be alignment issues, such as a bent frame, with the golf cart. Additionally, if the tires aren’t from the same brand, it could be an indication that the cart was excessively used.
  2. Steering- Before you even think about purchasing a used golf cart, take some time to drive it. As you test drive the golf cart, take it over several different surfaces, such as some rougher terrain and a solid, concrete driveway. Make sure that as you drive the golf cart, the cart doesn’t pull to the left or to the right and that the steering wheel is responsive.
  3. Brakes- Another important thing you need to look for as you shop for used golf cars is the brakes. When you test drive a used golf cart, make sure the braking system can stop the golf cart quickly without any squealing or grinding. You should also make sure the brakes are firm when you press down on them.