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Golf Cars, Hickory NCWhen it comes to choosing a golf car to get you around the green, one of the most common questions is: gas or electric? There is not much of a physical difference between the two, though both of them have their benefits and vices, but this information can help you make an informed decision.

Electric Golf Cars

These golf cars are made to run all day and then charge at night. They have a lead-acid battery and an electric motor. Electric golf cars can be charged at any time and plugged into a standard power outlet. This makes the low cost of operation the #1 advantage of electric golf cars.

The most common power choices for electric golf cars are 36 or 48 volt. The 48 volt is, of course, more powerful and has regenerative braking, which helps the golf car’s batteries charge while slowing or going down a hill.

Gas Golf Cars

Gas golf cars are usually made with tougher materials. Instead of fiberglass, they are commonly made with steel, so instead of cracking and breaking in an accident, a gas golf car should only get scratched and dented.

A tank of gas in a golf car can make it go much further than a fully charged electric car can, though you do have to plan out whether to bring along an extra can of gas. The gas golf car will also be able to climb hills and over objects more easily than an electric one.

Here at Golf Cars of Hickory, we have a knowledgeable staff that can help you decide which type of golf car is best for you. We are located in Hickory, NC and service all surrounding areas. For more information on our used golf carts, please contact us.