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156210532-golf car tiresOptimizing a golf car can be somewhat tricky, especially when golf car tires are available in various treads. They range from treads that are aggressive, to straight-ribbed patterns. However, remember the pro at your golf club won’t be too pleased if you tear up the fairways with a tread that’s really aggressive.

In some retirement communities around the country, people are permitted to ride golf cars on residential streets. If you want to ride off the golf course, your local homeowners’ association will have to approve the tires you use, so check what the rules are before buying golf car tires. In most cases, the top end speed on these vehicles is only 25 mph, so serious speed won’t be an issue. However, this isn’t saying you can go all out!

Below are the various tread patterns for golf car tires, and their intended use:

  • Ribbed: Not much traction, easy rolling, doesn’t harm grass – for use near greens
  • Knobby: For use on a custom golf car in mud, as well as other off-road driving
  • Turf: A low-impact pattern for carts used on golf courses
  • Saw Tooth: The most common tread for golf car tires – good traction, doesn’t harm grass, and tires last longer
  • Sand: Another popular tread for use on custom carts in sand. Obviously, we don’t mean sand traps at the course!

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