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inspecting used golf cars

While in the past golf cars were limited to the actual golf range, these days you can find them in more and more places as a convenient, budget-friendly alternative to a traditional automobile. Here at Golf Cars of Hickory, we offer a wide selection of the best golf car models, including a number of high-quality used options. Our team wants everyone to get the great performance they deserve from their used golf cars, so in this article, we’ll be going over three things to consider during the selection process.

1.  Electric or Gas? One of the first things to think about when shopping for used golf cars is whether you want an electric or gas-powered engine. Electric golf cars are popular for their near-silent ride, lack of exhaust fumes, and smooth acceleration. However, they also need to be charged regularly, which limits how far they can go at a stretch. Gas-powered golf cars can travel for longer periods but are generally louder and can produce a slight exhaust smell.

2.  Battery Age- When inspecting used golf cars, we at Golf Cars of Hickory recommend checking out the age of the battery, especially for an electric car. An older battery won’t hold a charge as long and will need to be replaced sooner, an investment of several hundred dollars. You can determine the battery’s age by checking its date code, which will include a letter and number that represent the month and year of manufacture.

3.  Written Warranty- Finally, when buying a used golf car, always make sure you get a written warranty. Read it carefully to determine what it covers and what it doesn’t. Also consult with the dealer to find out how you should maintain the car once you seal the deal. If you are interested in buying a used golf car, you can call our team at Golf Cars of Hickory to learn more about our warranty policies.