Common Golf Cart Parts That Need Repair

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Although driving an electric golf cart has its benefits, just like any other vehicle, there will be times when you’ll need to repair or replace some of the golf cart parts to keep your vehicle fully operational. Luckily, most of the common issues with golf carts aren’t anything to panic over. Here are a few of the most common golf cart parts that need repair:

1.   The Battery – A dead battery is the first thing to check for if your golf cart simply won’t start. All electric vehicles use batteries to get them going, and it’s only natural that they will wear out over time or can sometimes die if left on too long without recharging. A simple battery check will tell you if you need a recharge or replacement.

Common Golf Cart Parts That Need Repair

2.   The Starter – When it comes to golf cart parts that might need repair, the starter is another one that can be an issue. Golf carts have a part called the solenoid that is part of the starter switch. If your golf cart seems to be in good condition but won’t start (you don’t hear the “clicking” noise upon start up), the solenoid could be to blame.

3.   Direction Switch – Just like you need to go forward, you also likely want to go in reverse! Over time the direction switch that allows you to go forwards and backwards can wear out and will need repair or replacement.

4.   Motor Reset – Did you know that your golf cart comes with a motor reset button? If you’ve checked all of the other golf cart parts and still can’t seem to identify the source of the problem, it might be time to hit the reset button on your golf cart motor to see if this will give your golf cart new life.

If any of these repairs to golf cart parts seem daunting or you have questions about why your golf cart isn’t working properly, give us a call at Golf Cars of Hickory. We’ll be happy to provide golf cart parts and repairs that keep your vehicle running well.