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Your Own Custom-Built Golf CartsCustom-built golf carts allow you to show off your wild side and reflect your personality. Whether you want to use the golf cart to drive around your neighborhood or between holes on the golf course, you can choose a style that will show others what you love. Some people choose a favorite team logo, while others have added the faces of their favorite TV characters. The possibilities for custom-built golf carts are endless.

In addition to adding custom graphics or designs, you can also add body kits to completely change the way your golf cart looks. There are kits available that turn a golf cart into a luxury sports car, or make it look like a cart that can tackle off-roading adventures. You can swap out the stock tires for options with colorful accents or a lower ride, and you can add a new grille that sparkles in the sunlight. At Golf Cars of Hickory, you can discuss your desires with a certified technician. From there, he or she can draw you a plan and get to work.

We offer custom-built golf carts. We can create just about anything you have in mind and will work quickly and efficiently to get you onto the course as soon as possible. We work with private buyers who want to create their own styles of carts, as well as local golf courses and other businesses that use logoed golf carts as part of their marketing strategy.