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When you’re out on the golf course, you may notice that more and more of the golf cars you see aren’t plain white and standard. In fact, some of them boast striking colors and sleek body designs. If you also want to have a golf cart to drive around that stands out from the crowd, at Golf Cars of Hickory, we’re here to help.

Custom Golf Cars 101: How to Get the Design Process Started

Before we design custom golf cars for any of our clients, we ask them to think about a few things. These include:
Custom Golf Cars

  • The body style they like—When it comes to custom golf cars, many of our options feature higher tops, rounded fronts, and a variety of other body styles. Think about the golf carts you’ve seen around and what you’ve liked about them to determine what body style you should go with.
  • What colors should be incorporated—When you design a custom golf cart, you don’t have to stick with plain colors. Instead, you can incorporate bold and bright colors. Whether you simply go with some of your favorite colors or the colors of your favorite sport team, we can make it happen.
  • What accessories should be added—One of the best parts of our custom golf cars is that you can add accessories that don’t normally come in standard golf carts. For example, you can equip your golf cart with a stainless steel steering wheel column, a lift kit, custom tires, a diamond plate kick panel, and much, much more.