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Today’s custom golf cars can have many features including distinctive paint jobs, custom wheels, seats, tires, sound systems, and even high-performance engines. Virtually anything you can dream about is within your reach. Here, we’ll highlight just a few additions and accessories to add great looks, style and functionality.

  • custom golf carsWheels- Let’s be honest – if the golf car you use on the links has standard stock wheels and tires, it’s probably affecting your game! So maybe it’s time to think about getting some custom wheels and tires, along with a lift kit to give your car some extra flair. The added benefit of custom golf cars with big wheels and tires is that you get better traction and a smoother ride.
  • Seats- Nothing shouts out style like a comfortable, beautiful golf car seat. When your custom golf car is being built, have the seats made in matching upholstery with fine detail and superior design. Your cart will certainly stand apart from the rest. And when your golfing pals sit down, they’ll smile when they notice the difference in comfort that a customized seat has over standard stock seats.
  • Motor Upgrade- If you’re one of the many people who use their custom golf cars for transportation around the neighborhood, you may want a little more power. For this reason, you can get motor upgrades to add a higher top speed and a little extra acceleration.

At Golf Cars of Hickory, we specialize in custom-built golf cars and enjoy building personalized vehicles for our customers. We also offer our services to companies that need personalized fleets of golf cars. For more info about custom golf cars and golf accessories, please contact us today.