Tires are the only things separating your golf cart from the road and the turf. It is just as important to take care of the tires on your golf cart just as you take care of the tires on your automobile. Many golf cart owners forget to check tire pressure, which can throw off the cart’s ultimate performance and shorten the tire life. Rotation of tires is also an important part of golf cart tire maintenance.

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Golf Cart Tires, Hickory, NC
If you notice that a tire is only wearing down on one side of a tire, the alignment of the golf cart could be off. When this is happening to your golf cart, it is important to get it fixed. Not only is it ruining your golf cart tires faster, but it is very likely making it harder for the golf cart to be driven straight. Tire wear can also mean that it is time for a tire rotation. It is recommended to rotate tires every 6,000 miles.

There are many different types of golf cart tires available, and here at Golf Cars of Hickory, we offer over a dozen. We offer tires for golf carts that have a lift, as well as golf carts that are low-lying, and we have many different types of tread for your street or turf needs. We are located in Hickory, NC and service all surrounding areas for a 60-mile radius. For more information on our golf cart tires, please contact us.