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Golf cars are fun to drive and can make your day at the golf course that much more enjoyable. However, there are a few etiquette guidelines for golf cars you should be aware of and follow the next time you decide to play a round of golf. These include the following:

Golf Cars

  • Never drive within hazard boundary lines—When you’re out driving your golf cart, never drive within any marked hazard boundary lines. Unless you’re on a designated cart path, you should also avoid going within 50 yards of the greens. This is because these areas are susceptible to damage from golf cart wheels.
  • Don’t drive through mud – Whether you’re on or off the fairway, try to avoid driving through muddy areas whenever possible.
  • Golf CarsAvoid driving through water—When you see an area of the golf course that’s covered in water, resist the urge to drive through it. When golf cars go over wet turf, they can damage it and cause ruts to develop.
  • Pay attention to the rules—Depending on the conditions at the course on a particular day, certain golf courses post rules that golfers need to follow. Make sure you pay attention to any special rules posted for the day, and familiarize yourself with the course’s general rules for golf carts.
  • Be courteous to other golfers—While this might go without saying, when you drive your golf cart around the course, pay attention to others in golf carts and other golfers out on the green to avoid accidents.