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used golf carts

Used golf carts can save buyers up to 50% of the cost of new ones. Originally, golf carts were designed for people with disabilities or elderly golfers. Today, they are commonly used by many people on the course to not only increase the rate of play, but also to allow golfers with limited walking ability to play the game.

Golf carts can be powered by electric or gas batteries. Many people use them for general transportation, particularly those living in retirement communities. Typically, electric carts are used on golf courses, while gas carts are used for general transportation.

To narrow down the available options, buyers of used golf carts should consider some important factors, such as whether they want an electric or gas cart, what features they desire, how much they are prepared to spend, and where the cart will be stored. By determining the right type, price, size and features, you can then filter through a pool of selected choices.

As mentioned, one of the first decisions buyers must make when looking at used golf carts is whether they want an electric or gas powered model. An electric cart is powered by rechargeable batteries, which usually need to be recharged after each use. A gas cart has an engine similar to that of a car that runs on gasoline.

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