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Golf Cars in Charlotte, NCIf you are thinking about getting a golf cart, you probably have plenty of questions, particularly if you have never owned one before. Although the dealership will be happy to answer your questions, there are a few things you may want to decide upon before you shop. Here are the most common FAQs regarding golf cars:

  • Gas or electric? This is hands down the most common question when shopping for golf cars because golf carts come in both gas and electric models. There are advantages with each and it will come down to how you plan to use your golf car. Gas golf cars are ideal when you want to go more miles between refueling/recharging. You’ll get up to 200 miles with gas versus about 12 miles on a charge with electric. You’ll also gain by not needing to periodically replace the battery, which can cost several hundred dollars. If you prefer quiet operation and no exhaust pollution, electric would be the better option. Additionally, gas will provide more power so a gas golf cart may be beneficial if you have steep hills or heavy loads to consider.
  • Can golf cars be used on streets? In many areas, this is not allowed, but laws vary widely from state to state and municipality to municipality. Before you buy a golf cart, be sure to check your local laws. You’ll also want to know what standards must be met in order to drive your golf car where it is allowed, such as headlights, reflectors, seat belts, hardened windshield, brake and tail lights, and other regulations.

How do I get the golf cart home? There are typically two ways to get golf cars home if you plan to do it yourself rather than have it delivered. In some cases, you can put one in the back of a pickup truck by loading it with a pair of aluminum ramps. Alternatively, you can haul your golf cart on a trailer. If you do not have a truck or trailer, you will need to arrange for delivery.