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Golf Cart Chargers in Hickory, North Carolina
Hands down, the most important accessory for your golf cart is the charger. Without it, you aren’t going anywhere. Not to mention that defective golf cart chargers can cause a few problems you want to avoid. An understanding of golf cart chargers and how they should work is an important part of keeping your cart running smoothly. The following FAQs should help:

How can I tell if the problem is the battery or the charger?

More often than not, the problem will be with the battery – either it needs to be replaced or the connections are bad. If there is no sign of life and the charger doesn’t kick on at all, that is usually the case. However, if the charger does come on but makes a loud noise, doesn’t charge fully, or won’t stop charging, you likely need to get a new charger.

Should I let the batteries go dead before using golf cart chargers?

No. Golf cart chargers require a minimal number of volts in order to begin the charging process. That is not to say that there isn’t a process for dealing with a dead battery, but it is easiest and best if you do not let the batteries discharge completely.

Will golf cart chargers harm the batteries if left on after fully charging?

No. Automatic golf cart chargers stop charging once the batteries are fully charged. The key is to only use quality golf cart chargers.

Are there things I should not do with golf cart chargers?

Yes, a few things. First, do not use an extension cord as this can cause the charger to overheat; if you must use one, be sure to use a heavy-duty one and keep an eye on it. Second, do not use if the water level in the batteries is low. Do not use it on a soft surface – a garage floor is ideal. Finally, always be sure all the connections are tight and clean, as bad connections make golf cart chargers overheat and work too hard, shortening their lifespan.

At Golf Cars of Hickory, we are always happy to answer all your questions about golf cart chargers. We also carry both chargers and batteries, should you find either one needs to be replaced. Let our 15 years of experience keep you up and running for years to come.