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Custom Golf Carts, Hickory, NCWith custom golf carts, you don’t have to drive around the golf course in a plain, uncomfortable cart. Your cart can exude style and shine with personality with whatever design or function you choose. Custom means you decide, so whether you want to show off your NHL, NASCAR, or NFL pride, a custom golf cart is just what you need.

It’s not just the outside of custom golf carts that you get to design and have fun with; you can also choose all of the comforts and upgrades on the inside. Leather seats or an easy-to-grip steering wheel are common upgrades, but you also have options for the sound system and even a moon roof. If you plan on driving your custom golf cart around town, make sure it’s customized to be street legal.

If you live close to a golf course and frequently play there, there’s no need to keep exhausting your money with golf car rentals when you can invest in a custom golf cart. With a street-legal golf cart, you can drive from your home straight to the green, and drive home after. This will save you money on gas and not having to tip the valet.

Here at Golf Cars of Hickory, we can create your ultimate custom golf carts. We can help you design your EZ-GO golf cart and build it in house. We are located in Hickory, NC and serve surrounding areas in a 60-mile radius. For more information on creating your custom golf cart, please contact us.