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Golf Car KitsGolf cars are handy to have around.  They are a great way to get you around even if you are not on a golf course. Golf carts are economical and they are fun for people of all ages to cruise around in. If you have a golf cart and want to make it look different from everyone else’s, golf car kits will help you do just that. Golf car kits are easy to install and are affordable.

One thing that is sure to set your golf cart apart from all other golf cars is a personalized graphics kit. Graphics can be designed to fit on golf cars of any size. They can be any color scheme that you want. You can have graphics that showcase your favorite sports team. You can also use your business logo for advertising. You can even do a theme and have your golf car graphics reflect your favorite book, colors, movies, food, or anything else – the sky is the limit!

Chrome kits are another popular golf car kit. Chrome will make your golf car look classy. You can have a chrome bumper installed and chrome mirrors. You can also have chrome cup holders and chrome trim to really make your car look awesome.  Chrome billet pedals and name plates can also be installed.

Lift kits are another great option for golf car kits if you are looking to get a bit more clearance on the bottom of your golf car. You will not have to worry about speed bumps or rough terrain. Lift kits also make it easier for your golf car to support heavy loads.

If you are looking for great golf car kits, contact us today at Golf Cars of Hickory.  We can help you find the perfect golf car kit for your golf car.