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Golf Car Parts in Hickory, North Carolina
Taking your car or truck in for regular maintenance is key for the prevention of costly and troublesome repairs and to get as many miles from it as possible. While there are fewer things to check on a golf car, that doesn’t make golf car maintenance any less important. Generally speaking, unless you really use your golf car a lot, an annual golf car maintenance appointment, along with some things to keep an eye on yourself, should do the trick. Golf car maintenance includes the following:

  • Tire Maintenance – Being checked once a year is important, but you should also check the tire pressure each month and look for uneven wearing. If you notice cracking, separations, or uneven wear, it is time to take your cart in for an alignment or tire replacement.
  • Brake Maintenance – An annual inspection is generally fine for brakes, as well, which will include looking at the pads, pedal, cables, and drums. However, should you notice squeaking or find stopping more difficult, you should have your cart checked right away.
  • Battery Maintenance – It goes without saying that a dead battery will put a crimp in your plans. Generally speaking, a quality battery will last you four or five years. Having it checked each year and also taking a look at it for signs of problems during the year is a good idea.

At Golf Cars of Hickory, we can take care of your annual golf car maintenance for you, including the above items, as well as checking other items, such as the suspension, steering, and rear differential. We can even take care of it in the offseason when you may not be using your golf car.