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Whether your golf car needs a new windshield or you are shopping for a new cart and want to know what you are getting, it is a good idea to learn about materials used in golf car windshields. The first thing to know is that they all look alike, so you need to work with a trusted company. There are also advantages with each type of material used to make windshields.

The three main types of windshield materials are acrylic, impact-modified acrylic, and poly-carbonate. Acrylic is the basic material that is the least expensive, but it has more scratch resistance than other materials. Because it is so hard, it does have the disadvantage of being easier to break and can shatter given enough force, such as being hit with a golf ball.

You’ll usually find impact-modified acrylic on factory fleets. This material will not shatter like acrylic, but it will still break. It also costs more than acrylic, but less than poly-carbonate. Poly-carbonate is the safest option as it can handle quite a bit of force, but the disadvantage is that it is the easiest to scratch and is the most costly option.

You should also consider the hinge materials when looking at windshields. Many golf car parts are made from plastic, which can become brittle when exposed to sunlight. In addition, consider that thinner windshields will be less expensive, but not as durable.

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