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golf car rentals Obviously, golf car rentals allow you to budget your monthly expenses with accuracy; there won’t be any unexpected maintenance or repair costs. To further reduce the strain on your pocket, renting a cart eliminates the need to pay a large sum of money upfront – again, helping your cash flow.

But one of the biggest benefits of golf car rentals is flexibility. You can change the buggy you’re renting or upgrade to a new model with extra features whenever you like. As your needs change, you can change your cart. When you buy one, you’re stuck with it until you buy another.

Also if you purchase a cart, you have to find space to store it during winter when you don’t use it. Renting comes with the convenience of having it collected and stored in a secure, safe location. Come spring time, it can be delivered to you for another carefree, hassle-free golfing season.

You can rent golf cars by the day, week or month. Apart from renting for your personal use, consider golf car rentals for big events like festivals and fairs, family reunions, college reunions, high school reunions, concerts, or any event that involves moving people from A to B with ease and comfort. You’ll wonder why you never thought of it before!

At Golf Cars of Hickory, we specialize in custom-built golf cars and enjoy building personalized vehicles for our customers. We also offer our services to companies that need personalized fleets of golf cars. For more info about golf car rentals, please contact us today.