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Used Golf CarsWhen you choose golf as your sport, there are many different costs associated with getting the correct equipment for an excellent game.  Some of these items to spend your money on include golf clubs, golf balls, tees, golf bags, and golf gloves.  While you may be wealthy when you decide to take up the game, if you want to remain that way, you may feel that you should walk all of the greens rather than investing in a golf cart to do the walking, or driving, for you.  However, you may want to purchase a golf car due to the benefits it provides.  These benefits include such things as:

  • Reducing the amount of walking you have to do, thus saving your energy for the game
  • Less stress on your arms and shoulders
  • Having a comfortable, shady place to sit

And of course, golf cars can be used for much more than the game of golf! You can take them shopping or on other errands, or just for a fun ride around town. If you want the pleasure that comes with golf car ownership, without spending a great amount of extra cash, your obvious choice is to look into used golf cars.

Used golf cars can offer you all of the benefits that a new golf car would offer, without the higher price tag.  In fact, quite often, choosing used golf cars can save you up to 50% of the cost of a new golf car.  If you are seriously considering purchasing a used golf car, come in and see us at Golf Cars of Hickory.  We take good care of our used golf cars, in order to guarantee that they will run well and last for a long time.  We are also familiar with all different types of golf cars, which means you can rely on our knowledge and expertise to provide you with a high-quality golf car.  You can even have us help you customize your golf car—reflecting your style, values and personality.  When you want the best of the best, come in and visit with us.  We can provide you with all of your golf car needs, at a cost that will make you smile.