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If you live in a climate where you don’t get to use golf cars all year long, you’ll need to properly prepare your golf car before you plan to use it after it has been sitting for a few weeks or months. This is also true if you have an extra golf car that only gets used sporadically such as when guests arrive. Here are a few tips for keeping your golf car in top condition to avoid needing repairs or having it not be ready to roll when you need it to.

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  • Pay attention to the battery – The battery is the heart and soul of golf cars and must be properly maintained. The two most common mistakes are overwatering and underwatering, and both can leave you replacing that expensive battery. Be sure to only put water in a fully charged battery, so after a charge is the best time to check the water level. You should also pay attention to the water you put into the battery – it should be distilled rather than tap water. The water coming out of your faucet can have several chemicals in it that can damage the battery on golf cars. Be sure the water level stays steady. If you let them dry out during long periods of storage they will suffer from irreversible sulfation. Check the water at least once a month.
  • Check the tires – Not only is it important that the tread and condition give you a safe ride, but if they aren’t filled properly you’ll get less range. Be sure you have the right tires for the surface you drive on.
  • Check the brakes and steering – The time to find out you have an issue with either of these is before the underlying problem creates a costly repair. Seriously damaged brakes, for example, can be far costlier to repair.
  • Don’t forget about the body – Give your golf car a good cleaning, including a layer of wax, so it can stand up to the sun and other conditions.
  • Take it to a professional – These tips are just a few of the things that really should be checked on golf cars before you put them into heavy use. A professional will do a thorough inspection and let you know of any conditions that should be addressed.

Here at Golf Cars of Hickory, we have over 25 years of experience and the parts you need to get your ride ready for cruising the golf course, your community, or any other way you utilize it. We also have used and new golf cars, including custom ones, should you be ready to upgrade to a newer model or one with more features. Call today to learn more.