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Golf Cars: Are They Worth the Investment?

Have you noticed the growing trend of owning golf cars for personal use? Many people may wonder what the point is of having a golf car when you already have a car. Here at Golf Cars of Hickory, we know there are several advantages to owning golf cars.

  1. On and off the road – It’s great to have a vehicle that can take you where you need to go, and cart you around while you’re there. Golf cars can often go on paths where not many cars can.
  2. Easy to operate – Most people can learn to operate a golf car quickly. With the proper supervision, younger teens can learn to operate them and be better prepared to drive later on.
  3. Fuel savings – Gas powered golf cars get superior gas mileage compared to standard cars, or you can save even more by choosing an electric golf car.
  4. Affordable to maintain – If your golf car does need attention, we offer reliable repair services that are typically very affordable.

Okay, so golf cars have their advantages, but when would you use them if you’re not a golfer?

  • Running errands – Your everyday errands around town can feel like a little adventure when you use your golf car to zip around
  • Hunting – Several golf car models are made to handle the rugged terrain that comes along with hunting.
  • Event transportation – Even if you don’t run events often, you may find there are several occasions such as weddings or other large gatherings that require people to park far away and having a little shuttle available is greatly appreciated.

Are golf cars worth the investment? We say yes, but we invite you to come see for yourself with the large selection of high-quality golf cars we have at Golf Cars of Hickory.