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golf cart accessories The golf cart accessories we carry are nearly endless, and when it comes to customizing your golf cart, the sky’s the limit! Take a look at these tips if you’re still deciding on which golf cart accessories you want for a golf cart that’s truly your own.

  • Body and Hood- A customized body and hood can easily revive your golf cart. Use the color and design of your cart’s main body as a base for modification purposes. You may also want to consider purchasing a customized canopy top to further customize your cart because these are available in a variety of colors.
  • Lift Kit- One of our most popular golf cart accessories, a lift kit enables your golf cart to go off-road and provide an improved ride as you go over rougher terrain. These kits include larger wheels and tires that usually range between two and six inches in height. Make sure you consult with us before purchasing to choose the right lift kit for your cart.
  • Tires and Wheels- The terrain you want your cart to cover will determine which tires and wheels you should purchase. For example, street tires let you efficiently cover more terrain while you’re riding on paved surfaces. Comparatively, tires for off-roading are bigger and come with deeper treads.

When it comes to golf cart accessories, you can’t go wrong turning to us for help customizing your golf cart. Contact us today to get started!