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517398503-golf cart maintenanceGolf carts are fantastic for getting quickly from shot to shot on the course, but when you’ve got a dead or slow golf cart motor, it’s a real pain. Whether your cart is gas or electric powered, you should keep it in good shape for the game. This starts with caring for the motor.

Getting your cart repaired and serviced is expensive, so knowing the following golf cart maintenance and care tips is important.

  • To ensure you have a basic understanding of golf cart maintenance, carefully read the manual that came with the cart. It may provide some important recommendations – for example, how often to change the battery.
  • Always keep your cart clean because debris and dirt can adversely affect the pedals, steering wheel, and even the engine.
  • A great idea is to look online for resources and other helpful golf cart maintenance hints. Some forums are dedicated to helping owners maintain their vehicles.
  • For gas powered carts, check the spark plugs to ensure they are spaced properly and clean.
  • For electric powered carts, check the battery charger regularly. While charging, the cart should read 15 – 20 amps. Anything less could indicate a problem with the charger.

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