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Golf cart maintenance includes inspecting your golf cart for any problems
Driving your golf cart around town or on the golf green can be fun! Golf carts are fun for people of all ages to drive and ride in. They are the perfect way to get around, whether it is at the beach, on a golf course, down the boardwalk, or for a leisure cruise around town. Sometimes though your golf cart will need a little maintenance to get it to run properly and safely.  It is recommended you find a golf cart company you trust to do the maintenance and any repairs.

Golf cart maintenance includes inspecting your golf cart for any problems. We can check out the charger, the tires, the steering wheel and everything else to make sure things are in good working condition. If any problems are found, you can have them repaired quickly before they become a big problem or cause an accident.  When you have your golf cart in for maintenance, you can also look into different options that are available to upgrade your golf cart. We have a variety of different accessories available for golf carts like upgraded tires, chargers that take up less space, chrome trim kits, and lift kits. You can even have your golf cart custom painted in any style or design you want.

If you need a place you can trust for golf cart maintenance, contact us today at Golf Cars of Hickory.  We can help you out with routine maintenance, any repairs needed, and we also carry a wide variety of accessories to customize your golf cart.