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Golf Cart Maintenance Keeps It RunningThere are a few basic golf cart maintenance tips that can help keep your cart running more efficiently. First, the battery is what provides power to your electric vehicle, so this should be at the top of your priority list. Check the battery to make sure it still holds a charge, so you can avoid getting stranded somewhere without a working battery. You can also check the water level, and if it is too low, add some distilled water. Don’t use tap water, as this can contain harmful minerals that will result in buildup on the battery. Be careful and follow manufacturer guidelines when you do so, since overwatering a battery can also be detrimental.

The second tip for golf cart maintenance is to check the oil, spark plug, and air filter at least once per year. If the oil level is low, add more, and get a regular oil change. You should also inspect the clutch around the same time. Signs of a weakened clutch include slow response time and difficulty when driving uphill. If you notice a strong smell of exhaust when you drive, bring it to us at Golf Cars of Hickory for a full inspection, as you may have a cracked exhaust pipe or muffler, which can be dangerous.

At least twice per year, check the brake pads to make sure they aren’t completely worn down. If they are worn out and you continue to drive, the brakes may give out, which is very dangerous for you and any passengers. The best way to tell that you need new brake pads is to check for the metal indicator tab, but you can also listen for any squealing or screeching sounds when you apply the brakes. These golf cart maintenance tips will make your cart safer, as well.