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Golf Cart Parts 101Even though it seems like a small piece of machinery, there are quite a few golf cart parts beneath the hood of your vehicle. Replacing or repairing a golf cart could be pretty simple, but for bigger jobs, most people should consult a golf cart parts expert. If you are trying to replace a part and end up disconnecting a wire or causing damage, your golf cart may not be able to run, so use caution and keep yourself safe before you start poking around near the engine.

Most golf carts contain a low-emission gas engine, so they are a good choice for people who want to eliminate their impact on the environment. A golf cart will drive about 10-25 miles per hour, although manufacturers typically recommend keeping it at the lower end of its speed capacity. Since the carts don’t usually have seatbelts, drivers should be careful when taking the cars around turns, as well. A cart with a gas engine will also contain oil reservoir, which takes about one quart and provides lubrication to all of the other golf cart parts. Just like you do with your automobile, you should check and change the oil frequently to prevent buildup and dirty oil from getting into the engine.

A golf cart is not quite as advanced as your car, but there are still some basic maintenance tasks that should be done on the golf cart parts. Keep an eye on the tires to prevent blowouts, and if you start to notice any strange sounds or smells coming from the engine, bring it to us at Golf Cars of Hickory to get it checked out.