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Golf Cart Tires in Hickory, North Carolina
You would never dream of driving your car or truck around on slick or curvy roads with unsafe tires. You know you need to replace them when the tread wears down or they become old. Did you know you need to do the same with golf cart tires? While the chances of hydroplaning into the path of an oncoming semi-truck are unlikely as you traverse the cart paths in your community, that doesn’t mean that other obstacles like trees, buildings, and even people are safe should your golf cart tires need to be replaced.

Consider also that even though the degree of collision is lessened, so is the safety of a golf cart. Most golf cart operators do not use seat belts and the lack of airbags and a full vehicle body mean that you could just as easily be more injured from an accident caused by bad golf cart tires than you would in a motor vehicle accident. Thus, the potential for injury is important enough to keep an eye on the golf cart tires.

If you are not sure about the condition of your golf cart tires, bring it by Golf Cars of Hickory. We’ll be happy to check them out and advise you whether they should be replaced. We carry golf cart parts, including golf cart tires. We can’t protect you (and those walking around you) from everything, but we can make sure you won’t have an accident due to bad golf cart tires.