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New Golf CartsThe very first thing you need to ask yourself when you are considering new golf carts is whether you want to go with a gas powered one or an electric one. There are pros and cons with each type, so your choice will be influenced by various factors.

New Golf Carts: Should You Choose Gas or Electric?

  • Budget – When you factor in everything, there isn’t much difference between the two in terms of overall expense. You may pay more upfront for gas golf carts and incur extra fuel costs, but you’ll be facing battery replacement costs with an electric one.
  • Performance – If you are looking for horsepower, you will fare better with gas golf carts. They range from 10 to 12 HP, while you will only get about 3 to 5 HP from an electric motor. The extra horsepower would be important to you if you are expecting to use your new golf carts in off-road or rugged terrain applications.
  • Regulations – You need to consider where you will be operating your new golf cart. Some neighborhoods have regulations that permit only electric carts.
  • Pollution – If you are concerned about noise pollution or emissions, you will definitely want to go with an electric model. Even though an electric cart is not completely silent, they are far quieter than their gas counterparts. A solar model would be great, and hopefully one day these will be on the market. In the meantime, if you are looking for the most earth-friendly option, then go with an electric model.

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