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Golf Cars in Hickory, NC

Did you know that many of the golf carts made and sold in the United States never see a golf course? These versatile transportation vehicles are seen in many different places that are far from any course, but that doesn’t make them any less useful. They may not be carting around golfers and golf bags, but instead a dish to take to the pot luck at the community center or even bringing back groceries from the store at the corner.

Pretty much anywhere that a community of some form exists, you can find golf carts being used. They are very popular in retirement communities as well as campgrounds, college campuses, car dealerships, large manufacturing facilities, and even in some small towns that permit them to be used on town streets and/or bike trails.

There are two things to remember when using golf carts in communities and on public roads. First of all, golf carts are not toys and should not be driven recklessly. You should understand that crashes caused by driving one unsafely can result in serious injury. Secondly, when on public roads you must obey all traffic laws, and that includes not driving one while under the influence.

At Golf Cars of Hickory, we have over 25 years of experience with golf carts. We sell and lease golf carts for use in many of the communities and businesses in the Charlotte and Hickory, North Carolina area. We also carry accessories, and we can customize your golf cart to suit whatever you will use it for, both on and off the course.