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Custom Golf CarsThe game of golf has been enjoyed by millions of people around the world.  This seems like somewhat of an amazing feat for a fun game that was begun in 1497, using only pebbles and a stick to run around on rabbit runs or tracks.  If you are one of the many who enjoy the atmosphere of golf, you know the passion that comes with the faithful pursuit of the sport.  Honing your skills to perfection allows you to finish the game with the lowest score; the art of perfecting this skill requires lots of time and effort.  Due to the great amount of concentration and skill required to play a great game of golf, you may be on the golf course for hours before finishing a round.  While it may be enjoyable to walk on the green for your game, at times you may prefer to ride around in a golf car.  If you have made golf your passion, you may even decide that in order to better reflect your style, you need one of our custom golf cars to get you around.

Custom golf cars allow you to truly make the game of golf your own.  When you choose to design your own golf car, you can ride around in luxury and style, having access to everything you need for an excellent game of golf.  You can design everything from the paint job to the seating options to the wheels you roll around on.  Your custom golf cars can also be flashy and sporty or traditional and classy—you make the final choice.

If you are interested in finding the best custom golf cars, come to us at Golf Cars of Hickory.  We are able to meet your specifications and provide you with a golf car that will be durable and enjoyable for years to come.