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Everyone knows that it is important to have good tires on their car or truck, but did you know it is also important to have proper golf cart tires? Even though the typical golf cart only travels at speeds up to 15 miles per hour, things can still go terribly wrong if you are driving around on bad golf cart tires. Golf courses have water hazards and trees – two things you really do not want to encounter with your golf cart should you lose control due to a tire blow out or lack of tire tread.

Why Good Golf Cart Tires are Important

Golf Cart TiresChoosing the right golf cart tires is as important as replacing them when they get worn out. If you will be driving your golf cart in a variety of conditions, one option is going with an all-terrain tire. These typically can handle some off-road use, as well as on the golf course. If you will be going really off-road, however, there are plenty of specially designed tires for doing that safely. The best suggestion is visiting a store that sells golf cart tires, like Golf Cars of Hickory. We can suggest the right type of tread for the conditions you anticipate, whether that is sand, mud or heavy debris.

If you want to stay safe and not end up in the lake at the golf course, talk to our experts at Golf Cars of Hickory in Hickory, NC. Our 20+ years of experience enables us to advise you on golf cart tires and any other parts you might need.