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Just like other machines or vehicles in our life, golf cars need routine maintenance and repairs to keep running smoothly. Most of us would never let our car battery run out or forget to change the oil on a car for a year or two, but sometimes golf car maintenance can slip to the back of our minds! If you have a golf car, whether it is electric or gas powered, there are some important services that you should look into for proper golf car maintenance.

proper golf car maintenance

For gas-powered golf car maintenance:

Just like you would with your gas-powered car, with a gas-powered golf car, make sure that the engine is well cared for. The oil needs to be changed on a regular basis. The belts, spark plugs, and filters need to be checked and replaced regularly to keep the engine working efficiently and to avoid surprise problems. It’s also important to keep the tires rotated and filled with air, use the right type of fuel that is recommended by the manufacturer, and keep the battery connections clean and free of corrosive buildup.

For battery-powered golf car maintenance:

A crucial element of golf car maintenance is, no surprise, keeping the battery in tip-top shape! This means choosing the right type of charger for your golf car. Furthermore, you should take care to maintain your battery by avoiding overcharging. There are some products that can ensure you don’t overcharge your battery, but you should check with a trusted expert before purchasing. Furthermore, make sure you don’t let your battery die completely, as that can also cause issues.

We hope that this advice regarding golf car maintenance has been helpful. If you have additional questions, come see us at Golf Cars of Hickory!