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If you are one of those who either dreams of a life spent traveling the country in an RV or you are already doing it either part of the year or all year, you should consider how a golf buggy can improve the experience. There are many ways to enjoy an RV lifestyle, and the benefit of having a golf buggy can make each of them more enjoyable.

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  • Boondocking – There are literally hundreds of boondocking locations throughout the country making this the most cost-effective way to live full-time as an RVer. Most locations have a 14-day maximum stay rule, which gives you ample time to enjoy an area before moving to the next. If you have a golf buggy with you, you will be able to enjoy a wider radius around the park than you might experience on foot, allowing you to make the most of the two weeks you are there.
  • Work and Camp – Not everyone can afford to live on an RV full time and travel around the country. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the lifestyle, however. Many RV parks are happy to help by offering interested campers the opportunity to earn some money while there. You’ll be a more appealing prospect if you have a golf buggy that enables you to cruise around the park handling tasks for them. There are also RV parks that are located next to other businesses you could work at and use your golf buggy to get to them.
  • Single Location Camping – You wouldn’t be the first RVer to fall in love with one location and decide to stay or have a northern and southern favorite to chase the best weather conditions. Even in this RV lifestyle situation, a golf buggy can be a huge benefit. Living full time in one location could mean having a lot that is far from the hustle and bustle, so you can have a quieter experience overall.

If you are looking for a golf buggy that will suit your RV plans well, stop and see us at Golf Cars of Hickory. We are happy to put our more than 25 years of experience to work to provide you with a custom-built ride that will benefit your RV life, whether you are planning to do boondocking, work and camp, single location camping or something else.