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When choosing golf cart chargers, you first need to consider the type of battery your cart has. Some have the thin plates that are common to regular batteries, while others are deep-cycle batteries. You’ll also need to take into account how frequently you use your cart, where you use it, and where you store it. For most people, the best chargers are those that offer characteristics like power, portability and charge speed.


Batteries that use gel or AGM (absorbed glass mat) technology may also need golf cart chargers with different characteristics than the common flooded cell type. Batteries that use gelled electrolytes can suffer damage if the charge has amperage that’s too high. If your cart has one of these batteries, we suggest you locate a charger that’s designed for a trickle, low-level charge.


Getting back to the topic of power and portability of golf cart chargers, if you store your cart at the course or somewhere else where space is at a premium, or the area is not completely secure, a portable charger would be a wise choice. But if you store the cart where there’s plenty of sunlight, then a solar-powered charger might be a better option. It will keep your cart’s battery in a good state of charge.


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