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Golf Cart Accessories in Charlotte, North Carolina

When you own a golf cart to cruise around the course or get around town, it’s always helpful to have extra parts and accessories that customize the cart and make it more functional for you. There are a number of ways to add to your golf cart, from tacking on sleek exterior trim pieces to replacing the rear seat with a fold-down option to create a solid, weather-resistant deck. Other helpful options include a stainless steel steering column cover that will class up your cart, a metal plate that protects your golf cart from kicks and other damage, and the heavy-duty front brush guard that keeps the body safe from scrapes and other damage.

Here in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, you can shop our wide selection of golf cart accessories at Golf Cars of Hickory. Not only do we carry golf cart accessories to add to your cart, but we also have replacement parts to keep your golf cart safe when you’re behind the wheel. Add or replace the windshield to prevent rocks from flying into your face when you’re driving or attach a rearview mirror that will give you a better view of what’s behind the cart. The 80-inch extended top is a helpful addition for taller drivers who need some extra space.

You can even upgrade the look of your cart with some colorful shock boots. Pick up a compact charger to reduce the size and weight by over 60%, making it easier to store the charger in your cart. No matter what you’re looking for, you can find the right golf cart accessories here at Golf Cars of Hickory.