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Golf cart kits are the perfect way to update and customize your golf cart’s image. Whether you have dreamed of a golf cart that looks like a Hummer, ‘57 Chevy, or even a Camaro, there are golf car kits for that. There are also kits for the golfers that wish to be less flashy, but still want to promote their own style. There are kits for changing the style of head or taillights, and even kits for luxury seating.

Spruce Up Your Golf Cart with Golf Cart Kits

With some golf cart kits, you can either completely change the body style of your golf car, or you can simply change the color and add vinyl decals. Some kits will be more expensive than others, so you will want to research whether the kits are made of metal or fiberglass. If you plan on driving a street-legal golf cart around town, you will want a heavier-duty material.

One of the more popular golf car kits out there is a lift kit. These kits give your golf cart added height by using steel blocks to sit higher on the tires. This makes it easier to drive over bumps and gives the driver a better view of their surroundings.

Here at Golf Cars of Hickory, we offer golf cart kits that will update and customize your cart. We are located in Hickory, NC and serve all surrounding areas in a 60-mile radius. For more information on our golf cart kits, please contact us.