Three Places to Take Custom-Built Golf Carts

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Have you been considering a golf cart to have as an extra vehicle whenever you need to make short trips to other places? Have you seen other people with a golf cart and now you want one of your own?

Golf carts are a great way to enhance your daily living and provide alternate transportation anytime you’re on the road. The thing is, not all golf carts are the same, and therefore custom-built golf carts might be the better choice for you as you weigh your options. Here are three places custom-built golf carts make the perfect go-to vehicle.

Three Places to Take Custom-Built Golf Carts

  1. Camping/RVing – It might seem counter-intuitive to take custom-built golf carts on a camping trip, but it might actually be the best thing you do! Custom-built golf carts are ideal for camping and RVing because they allow you to comfortably travel around the campground and carry supplies to your camping site. Additionally, you’ll have an easy mode of transportation if you have mobility concerns, or if you need to carry around children on all their camping adventures.
  2. Resort Living – Another opportunity for custom-built golf carts to come in handy is when you enjoy resort living. Instead of traveling by foot every time there is a local event, you can simply drive your golf cart, park in a nearby location, and enjoy the festivities. Custom-built golf carts are also ideal for resort living because you have an easy mode of transportation when visiting friends who live close by.
  3. Around Town – Are you planning a special trip to a local business or have plans with friends to meet up at the golf course? Your custom-built golf cart will get you there in no time! Depending on where you live and you are travel needs, custom-built golf carts can be a quick and easy travel solution.

At Golf Cars of Hickory, we can help create custom-built golf carts to meet your needs. Give us a call today to get started!