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Golf Cart RentalWhen you rent a golf cart from us here at Golf Cars of Hickory, we realize that you may be new to the world of driving a golf cart. To ensure you stay safe when you’re out golfing, here are some tips for driving your golf cart rental around.

  • Don’t Let Your Kids Drive. Driving around a golf cart rental can feel like a novelty, especially for your kids. Regardless of how much they beg, don’t cave in and let your children drive the golf cart, especially if they can’t reach the pedals when they’re sitting in the driver’s seat. 
  • Slow Down. When you’re driving around a golf cart rental, it can be easy to want to drive the cart as fast as it can possibly go. While this may be fun, try to resist the urge to do this and maintain a reasonable speed as you drive around the golf course. 
  • Always be Aware. It can be easy to let your guard down when you’re driving a golf cart rental, since you aren’t on a main road with other vehicles. However, make sure that you’re always paying attention to who is around you and where you’re going as you drive one of our rentals.
  • Be Careful on Slopes and Hills. When you’re going up a slope or a hill in a golf cart, you may feel like you need to press on the gas to make it to the top. To prevent the golf cart from falling backwards, go up hills and slopes at a reasonable and steady pace.