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If you are looking at new golf carts as your first purchase, secondary cart or upgrade to your current one, you know that there can be a sizeable investment involved, particularly if you go with a high-end one with several custom features. It makes sense that you will want to do everything you can to protect it, so you can enjoy many years from your purchase and keep it in good shape. Here are the ways you can protect new golf carts:

New Golf Carts in Charlotte, NC

  • Keep it Clean – To protect new golf cars from sun and other damage, be sure to have a cleaning plan in place. It is far easier to keep new golf carts clean than it is a larger vehicle. You can use the same types of cleaning products and be sure to use just your regular garden hose and not a pressure washer, which could damage your cart.
  • Park it Indoors – There are two reasons why parking it indoors is a smart idea. The first is to protect it from the weather. The second it to keep it secure and safe from theft or vandalism.
  • Include an Alarm System – Speaking of theft, have an alarm system installed that will dissuade a thief from taking off with your golf cart. This is helpful when you do not have it secured in your garage as well.
  • Check the Lights – If you’ll be driving your golf cart at night, be sure to check the lights before you head out. It is no safer to drive around your cart without the lights than it would be your family car or truck.
  • Regular Maintenance – Small problems can become big ones in a hurry. Even new golf carts should be inspected at least once a year and routine maintenance performed. This is a good time to check the tires, so you can avoid an accident caused by the wrong tires or worn ones.

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