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At Golf Cars of Hickory, we understand that you rely on your golf car to get around your community and you want it to give you reliable transportation for as long as possible. You want to protect your investment and minimize needing golf car repair and golf car parts, not to mention having to replace it prematurely. We thought we would help you out with a few tips for keeping your golf car in top condition. Here are some maintenance tasks that you should keep in mind.

Tips for Keeping Your Golf Car in Top Condition [infographic]

  • Keep an eye on the water level- In addition to making sure there is enough water to cover the plates to avoid a battery fire, be sure to only use distilled water. We recommend checking the water level at least once each month.
  • Keep an eye on the battery connectors- Corrosion is not your friend and should be avoided as much as possible. Use a solution of half baking soda and water on the connections to minimize corrosion.
  • Keep an eye on the brakes and the oil in the rear differential- You want your golf car to go when you need it to, but you also want it to stop safely. Check the brakes and rear differential every six months, but definitely if you notice a puddle form under your golf car.
  • Keep an eye on the tires- Inspect the tires regularly for signs of wear or damage, as well as check the air pressure each month.
  • Keep an eye on the lights- Even if you don’t drive around at night, you still need to make sure that the headlights, brake lights, and turn signals operate properly. If they aren’t working, the first thing to check is the 12-volt fuse.
  • Keep your golf car clean- It might not affect the mechanical health of it that much to drive it around while it’s dirty, but it can affect its resale value.
  • Keep an eye on the gauges- It is better to notice a sign of a problem before you face a breakdown so you can take care of battery replacement or other issues at a time that fits your schedule.