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There are many different golf cart parts to address when troubleshooting your electric golf buggy motor. The motor is usually the last component that will fail. After determining that the charger and batteries are working, you can reset the motor to check that it’s running properly. Here, we’ll explain how to do these things.

  • golf cart partsThe Batteries- To see if power is depleted, test each battery with a voltmeter. On some models, a small amount of current is drawn even if the motor isn’t running, which, over several months, can cause complete discharge of the batteries. Batteries are golf cart parts that will also lose their capacity as they age, so check the level of electrolytes and water.
  • Inspect the Charger- Look for frayed wires or signs of corrosion. Moreover, a surge in power could cause the diodes inside the charger to fail or the circuit breaker to trip.
  • Inspect the Potentiometer- This is one of the golf cart parts that controls speed. Make sure that the connections are secure and that the potentiometer isn’t cracked.
  • Reset the Motor- Use a screwdriver to find and expose the motor – there may be a red reset button near the power supply. Press it to reset the motor, and then connect the cart to the charger and recharge the batteries.

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