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Best Types of Golf Cart TiresGolf cart tires are quite a bit smaller than the tires on your car, so before you go out and pick up a set, you may want to talk to an expert. The standard size is 8”, and some tires are thicker for rougher terrain. You can also find tires that have colored metal interior sections, versus low-profile tires that help your cart to sit lower. Consider what you plan to use your golf cart for, since this will determine in part which tires will be best suited for your cart.

Once you have selected your golf cart tires, make sure to take steps to maintain them. The tires will be a small investment, so the longer you can keep them in good condition, the less often you will have to buy new tires. At least every month, check the tire pressure and keep it at the manufacturer-recommended level. Both over-filled and under-filled tires can pose a safety threat to the driver and passengers, so keep it just at the level recommended.

If your tires are out of alignment, you may need to bring it into an expert for a repair. Misalignment can cause your golf cart tires to wear unevenly, which may result in a bare spot that is more susceptible to blowing out while driving. It is fairly easy to get a car out of alignment; typically all it takes is going over a big curb or pothole. If you notice any cracking or splitting on your tires, that is a sign that you need to replace them. We recommend replacing at least two tires at a time, if not all four. This provides a smoother ride, and tires that should wear evenly as you drive.


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